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Campaign Headquarters

Experience shows us that the best way to help the largest number of people is to focus on the underlying causes of our community's most serious problems.
  We know it will take the whole community working together to achieve our goals. Thatís why we bring people together from all across our community - from government and business, non-profits and ordinary citizens. Whether it requires fundraising, partnering with government, or just getting people to work together, thatís what we do.

Whether you donate your time or give to the United Way annual campaign, your contribution is a powerful investment in our community. You can play an essential role in this process too, by volunteering your time and by contributing to United Wayís Community Fund. Please consider making a donation to invest in the future, family, health and each other.

Resource Development Staff:

Yvonne Williams
Director of Resource Development

(413) 693-0232
email Yvonne Williams

Kimberly O'Connor
Senior Development Manager
(413) 693-0208
email Kimberly O'Connor

Carin Savel
SVP of Resource Development &
Strategic Communications
(413) 693-0227
email Carin Savel


Campaign Tool Kit

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