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[WGBY 57] United Way Thrive Financial Literacy Course Helps First-Time Homebuyers

April is tax season, and one of the best times to look at personal finances. The United Way of Pioneer Valley helps hundreds of people become homeowners each year through their Thrive financial literacy course. The course focuses on learning how to budget, pay off debt and save for a house.  [Read more and see the video]

[BusinessWest] A Region Comes Together to Support Evacuees from Puerto Rico

..."Jim Ayres, president and CEO of the United Way of Pioneer Valley, said his organization was meeting very early on an evacuee-assistance strategy. Early on, Springfield and Holyoke designated the welcome centers as places to go to find out how to enroll a child in school, meet nutrititional needs, and get immediate health services. 'Then there’s the underlying trauma piece and mental-health needs people may have. It takes a lot of coordination, a lot of logistical management.'"...

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