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United Way of Pioneer Valley
Staff By Department:


Dora D. Robinson (click here for biography)
President & CEO
(413) 693-0221
email Dora Robinson

Linda Valentini
Executive Assistant to the President
(413) 693-0201
email Linda Valentini

Shyreshia Perry
(413) 693-0200
email Shyreshia Perry

Community Impact:

Sylvia de Haas Phillips
Senior Vice President of Community Impact
(413) 693-0216 
email Sylvia deHaas-Phillips

Portia D. Allen
Director of Community Investments
(413) 693-0236
email Portia Allen

LaTonia Naylor
Community Impact Coordinator
(413) 693-0215
email LaTonia Naylor

Jennifer Kinsman
Director of Community Impact
(413) 693-0227

email Jennifer Kinsman

Beverly Guerrero-Porter
Stay in School Coordinator
(413) 693-0203

email Beverly Guerrero-Porter

Finance / Accounting:

Raymond Berry
(413) 693-0231
email Ray Berry

Carolyn Carroll
Director of Finance
(413) 693-0206
email Carolyn Carol

Ashley Mahoney
Finance & Accounting Analyst
(413) 693-0238
email Ashley Mahoney

Megan Moynihan
Accounting and Operations Coordinator
(413) 693-0220
email Megan Moynihan

Resource Development:

Carin Savel
Senior Vice President of Development & Strategic Communications
(413) 693-0227

email Carin Savel

Yvonne L. Williams
Director of Resource Development
(413) 693-0232
email Yvonne Williams

Kimberly O'Connor
Senior Development Manager
(413) 693-0208
email Kimberly O'Connor

Martha Lockett
Donor Data Coordinator
(413) 693-0234
email Martha Lockett

Andrea Gauvin
Marketing & Communications Coordinator
(413) 693-0239
email Andrea Gauvin







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