Basic Needs

We believe that no one should have to wonder where they will spend the night, how they will stay warm or how they will put food on the table for their families.



For decades, we have funded programs to feed the hungry in our 25-community service area, but our area is still at a deficit. To address this need, we are working closely with the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts, and have already come up with several additions to our food initiatives:

  • Opening the United Way Chicopee Cupboard to distribute food, Thrive financial coaching, and more initiatives to improve lives for the hungry.
  • Opening the Springfield Service Center, conveniently located downtown, which includes an emergency food pantry.
  • Convening representatives from local colleges & universities to ensure students have access to healthy food.
  • Meeting with food pantries to learn about their individual needs, such as supplies and volunteers, and determining how UWPV can help meet them.