UWPV’s Dora D. Robinson Women’s Leadership Council Holds Kick-off Event


United Way of Pioneer Valley (UWPV) held a kick-off event for the Dora D. Robinson Women’s Leadership Council on Friday, March 8th.

The Dora D. Robinson Women’s Leadership Council is an affinity group of the United Way of Pioneer Valley, and is modeled on United Way Worldwide’s “Women United” program.

Robinson co-founded the Council in 2014, when she served as President and CEO of UWPV. As the first woman to serve the century-old organization in that role, she championed opportunities for women to fulfill their philanthropic endeavors by sharing their talents, treasures, time, and leadership through the United Way.

After a period of inactivity, the Council is ready to begin anew, re-established to honor Robinson’s spirit and legacy, and to continue her visionary work on behalf of women and girls. A 13-member steering committee guides the strategic development of the Council, and the March 8th kick-off event, which coincides with International Women’s Day, will serve as both a public re-introduction and a membership drive.

“As a beneficiary of Dora's care and phenomenal leadership example, it is an honor to be a part of her legacy of empowerment for women of all backgrounds," says Dr. Latoya Bosworth, co-chair of the steering committee and decades-long mentee of Dora.

Dr. Bosworth is joined by co-chair, Giselle Gaines, who adds, "It's a privilege to be part of the Dora D. Robinson Women's Leadership Council, celebrating a trailblazer's legacy. In our commitment to women's health, education, and financial empowerment, each woman on the committee brings unique gifts and leadership. Together, we build on Dora’s foundation, creating a lasting legacy of empowerment."

The sold-out event was held at Penthouse 650 at 1500 Main Street in Springfield. For more information on the Dora D. Robinson Women’s Leadership Council, visit uwpv.org/ddrwlc or contact Tracy Trial at ttrial@uwpv.org.