United Way of Pioneer Valley launches Women’s month program

Springfield, MA – United Way of Pioneer Valley today launched a Women’s month program designed to uplift the lives of hundreds of women.

Each of those five hundred women today received purses so to speak filled with more than one hundred and fifty dollars worth of goods and services to help rescue them from a variety of financial difficulties. Alice Buckner, a leader in the United Way’s Women’s leadership council came up with this idea to help women rise above their financial problems.

“Food insecurity, housing, and labor insecurity, eight no wages or collecting benefits, many are new arrivals here,” said Alice Buckner of the Women’s Leadership Council.

And the five hundred women would immediately be put in touch with the agencies to further help them escape the poverty cycle to make new lives for themselves. 

“I think Alice’s idea is amazing, especially in the month of march for women’s empowerment, it’s very important to empower women in Springfield,” said Megan Moynihan from United Way of Pioneer Valley.

“I think it’s wonderful, we get out in the community, especially helping women,” said Kerri Lammers from Comcast Women’s Network 

The start of this women’s month program comes just weeks after the United Way of Pioneer Valley started up its first Community Service Center.


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