Warming Hearts

Warming Hearts: Helping veterans with fuel assistance

Warming Hearts is an annual response to a crucial local need for emergency fuel and heating assistance.

This is the time of year we raise local dollars quickly to meet the needs of families in our area. This year we are committed to veterans and surviving spouses that find themselves in need of a "hand up" – not a "hand out".

Have you ever had a conversation with an army veteran who served his country for 2 tours of duty, only to find himself back home without enough money to heat his house? It's difficult to imagine what it must be like for him to have no heat and no help. This hero is responsible for household expenses, local taxes and maintenance, but now he asks an inconceivable question, "Should I pay for my medicine, my meal or my heat?"

These families are our neighbors. They live in urban, rural and suburban communities including Wilbraham and Hampden and in the hill towns of Monson, South Hadley and Westfield and in cities and towns throughout the Pioneer Valley.

They are cold, and the United Way of Pioneer Valley, in partnership with the Bilingual Veterans Outreach Centers (BVOC) and Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA), is working fast to raise critically-needed funds for fuel and heating assistance through the Warming Hearts program so these families, and many others like them stay warm.

In recent years, we've raised thousands of dollars from local businesses and individuals, and provided $60,000 of heat and fuel assistance through the Warming Hearts program. We know you will help warm the lives of your neighbors because we are all committed to Living United.

Thank you to our partners:

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