Youth Development

Children & Youth

Education is the first step across the opportunity divide.

College and career readiness should never be dictated by zip code. All kids deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential and become the next leaders in our community.

Giving kids the skills to succeed in school sets them up for lifelong success and lays a foundation that will span generations to come. Education is change that lasts!

UWPV supports community efforts that focus on school readiness, mentoring, providing before and after school activities and support, increasing school attendance, reducing drop-out rates, and increasing the number of high school graduates. We are committed to creating and sustaining opportunities that ensure a successful transition through elementary, middle, and high school leading to graduation. Goal: Higher graduation rates = better academic, economic and life outcomes.

Educational Community Partnerships & Initiatives

Stay In School and Attendance Matters

When kids fall behind in school, they become frustrated and check out before they drop out. We intend to change that. Our community goal is to prepare students to graduate and succeed by motivating and empowering them to Stay in School.

Daily attendance leads to graduation and offers a pathway to life success. The Stay In School program increased student attendance in Springfield Public Schools. In 2014, daily attendance increased by nearly 3% between four Springfield Public Schools in one marking period; the next marking period, another four Springfield Public Schools showed an increase of nearly 1.5% in daily attendance.

In late 2018, we again partnered with Springfield Public Schools to launch a new program called Attendance Matters, to focus on the importance to school attendance every day for K-12.

Connecting to the Community

United Way partners with many local agencies to support their out of school programs in youth development. We are the largest funder of after-school programs in our service area. Our partners operate many creative programs for youth, and as part of our grant requirements, track and report on results and outcomes from these programs.